FFXIV FanFest 2017 Live Stream Issues

So the live stream has started and it’s now been live for 45 minutes at the time of writing this. The stream has been suffering some performance issues with many viewers taking to Twitter to voice their concerns.

The stream is hosted at cleeng.com, a site/service I have not heard of before but here’s to giving them the benefit of the doubt and hoping that they can stabilize the performance before the opening keynote starts.

But hey, the accompanying music is as beautiful as ever!


*Update: As I write this (8:49am GMT) they have just taken the stream offline. Hopefully for maintenance to fix some of the issues we’ve been experiencing. Fingers crossed!


UPDATE#2 – The stream was stabalized before the show began. Since then it has been running without any issues. Good job #FFXIVFanFest2017 and Cleeng.com!


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